Milton Township Republicans

38th Annual OKTOBERFEST Dinner

Mark October 2nd, 2017 on your calendars now.  At Arrowhead in Wheaton we have combined our new golf event with our annual Oktoberfest dinner.  Maybe we should call it GOLFTOBERFEST!!!

Freedom, Opportunity and Prosperity.

These are only possible when a society has limited government and an open economic system.  The burden of government is proportional to its size.  Big government takes more to run and reduces our freedoms and opportunities.  The goal of government should be to make it easier for more people to enjoy and share prosperity.  People are at their best when they can take care of themselves and help take care of others.  Lets work to empower each other and build a stronger community.

Save Our State!

Illinois needs more jobs.  We need to attract business and stop driving them away with taxes and regulations.  A healthy economy is the best environment for self respect and happy communities.  We can shake up Springfield and turn Illinois around.

Your current elected Township Officials are:

      • O. Chris Heidorn Township Supervisor
      • Gail P. Hinkle Township Clerk
      • Chris. E. LeVan Township Assessor
      • Gary L. Muehlfelt Township Highway Commissioner
      • Sal Falbo Township Trustee
      • Dave Molitor Township Trustee
      • Martin  Keller Township Trustee
      • Yadav “Nick” Nathwani Township Trustee
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